Introducing iSTRYM, a First-of-Its-Kind, AI-Driven Mental Wellness Optimization Tool

MINDCURE’s technology connects researchers, therapists, and individuals to achieve tangible results in mental health care. iSTRYM enables users to collect data, monitor progress, and connect to a network of support. We put data to use.


iSTRYM enables psychedelic researchers to deliver results faster with cleaner data and deeper, richer insights. It also allows a built-in distribution network to share commercialized proprietary protocols.


iSTRYM arms therapists with the most robust repository of science–backed treatment protocols and care practice packages ever compiled. Therapists can provide personalized care with deeper insights and long-tail support, while increasing clinic revenue, reducing clinic hours, and increasing positive patient outcomes.


iSTRYM gives individuals the power to be informed and autonomous participants in their mental wellness journey. It allows specific integration plans for unique individuals, backed by AI that consistently works to understand the individual while providing supportive content and open engagement 

Enjoy optionality. Our tool provides personalized mental health support at scale. Some features include:

  • Safety Alerts: Automatically alert your therapist or loved one if metrics enter an unsafe zone.
  • Personalized Care-Packs: Receive support at home with custom supplementation delivered directly to your door.
  • Share Your Anonymized Journey: Contribute to the largest information set on positive mental wellness outcomes in the world. This data can cycle back to continually optimize care protocols. By elevating your own mental health, you help others around the world, through a system that provides better care for all. 

We are the distribution network providing only the best, science–backed content with therapists and individuals around the world.

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