Dr. Ryan Hartwell, PhD


Dr. Ryan Hartwell, PhD

Dr. Hartwell, an entrepreneur with a strong record of successful business startups, is a co-inventor of FS2 and AI-001 cell therapy. Prior to undertaking his PhD, he cofounded ATS Biotech Inc., an advanced, biomedical wound care company specializing in the development and manufacture of medical devices. As a university and workshop lecturer with first-hand experience in FDA, EU, HC, CFDA, and Japan Regulatory filings for drug products, medical devices, and natural health products, Dr. Hartwell brings a wealth of experience to MINDCURE‚Äôs regulatory affairs and product research. He has published 20 peer-reviewed articles, 26 presentation abstracts, and 4 patents. He holds a faculty position at UBC, managing teams and conducting research. As well as, he leads investigator-forums and workshops at major local, national, and international conferences.

Dr. Hartwell graduated with honours in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa, and shortly thereafter conducted research in Free Radicals in Medicine at the National University of Singapore under world-renowned researcher and industry leader, Professor Barry Halliwell. He then received his PhD in Experimental Medicine at UBC, receiving the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Award for Top Graduating Doctoral Student and Rising Star in Research.